The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble

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The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble is a new music ensemble using mobile smart phones as primary musical instruments. Founded by Assistant Professor Georg Essl - one of the original founders of the MoPho idea - in fall of 2009, the mobile phone ensemble explores new ways to make music with devices you and I already have in our pockets. But rather than playing ring-tones, the devices are used to create new interactive sounds in live performance. The Mobile Phone Ensemble engages students in new technology and explorative forms of musical expression. The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble belongs to the tradition of repertoire-based mobile phone ensembles such as the sibling ensembles at Stanford University (the original MoPho), the Helsinki MoPho, and the Berlin Mobile Phone Orchestra. Currently our instruments of choice are iPhones and iPod Touches and we use custom-built wearable speaker systems. Since 2010 Ge Wang, Assistant Professor at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University as well as co-founder, CTO and Chief Creative Officer of Smule serves as advisor to the ensemble.

The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble is made possible by the generous support from the College of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and Apple. Thanks! For questions please contact , Also check out our friends at the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra!

School of Music, Theatre & Dance - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - University of Michigan