The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble @ Final Class Concert 2010
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December 9, 2010, 8pm
Britton Recital Hall, University of Michigan

The program included:

Space Pong (2010) by Gayathri Balasubramanian, Billy Lau and Lubin Tan
Piece No. 42 (2010) by Andrew Hayhurst and Michael Musick
JalGalBandi (2010) by Gayathri Balasubramanian, Chandrika Dattathri, Alejandro Guerrero, Kiran Singri Jagadeesh
Color Organ (2010) by Kyle Kramer
Mr. Noisy (2010) by Steve Joslin and Lubin Tan
Jam Session (2010) by Cathy Chen and Edgar Watson

The ensemble was formed in the context of Assistant Professor Georg Essl's new multi-disciplinary course, "Building a Mobile Phone Ensemble," which has been taught during the Fall 2009 semester. This class, believed to be the first formal course of its type in the world, merges engineering practices, mobile phone programming, and sound synthesis with new music performance, composition, and interactive media arts.

The current ensemble members are: Gayathri Balasubramanian, Cathy Chen, Chandrika Dattathri, Alejandro Guerrero, Andrew Hayhurst, Steve Joslin, Kyle Kramer, Billy Lau, Michael Musick, Lubin Tan, and Edgar Watson.

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